Q. What can this scheme fund?

The LAD programme has been set-up to provide funding for solid wall insulation and air-source heat pumps. Alongside these measures, any improvement which has a measurable improvement on the energy efficiency of a home can be considered as an additional measure, except for fossil fuel heating systems.

Q. Do I qualify?

You may qualify for the funding if the following three statements apply:

  • You have a household income of less than £30,000

  • Your home has an EPC rating of D, E, F or G

  • Your home is suitable for either solid wall insulation, heat pump or solar PV panels


Q. How can it be ‘free’?

The Local Authority Delivery Programme within Warmer Homes is funded by the Green Homes Grant Local Authority Delivery Scheme which has been established by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to support projects improving the energy efficiency of homes across Britain. This funding covers the full cost of the service to households (up to £10,000): the survey and insulation installation as well as minor enabling work.

Landlords can receive up to £5000 for works if they contribute at least one-third of the total cost of the works. Their tenant will never be asked to contribute.

Q. I don’t know my homes EPC rating/it doesn’t have an EPC

The Warmer Homes team can arrange for an EPC to be carried out at your property if required. If your EPC rating doesn’t qualify you for funding through the LAD programme, we may be able to direct you to another suitable scheme.

Q. What happens after I apply?

Once we’ve received your application (either online or via our freephone number) we will carry out an assessment. We will verify your household income with a household declaration form and then assess your home’s EPC for suitable measures, including any you have identified/are interested in.

Q. Can I choose my own installer?

Yes. Once the Warmer Homes team have confirmed your eligibility for the scheme and completed some initial feasibility checks you will be provided with a list of contractors in your area with the accreditations required to undertake the work that is of interest. You are able to select any of these installers to carry out a survey and then the installation, you are also free to select any other contractor with the requisite accreditations.

Installers not already accredited by Warmer Homes will need to undergo an onboarding process to confirm they hold the required qualifications, insurances and certifications. Should they meet the required standard, a LAD voucher can be provided which they can redeem upon completion of the installation.

Q. How does the funding work?

During your home survey, you will be issued a voucher which includes details of the work to be undertaken as well as confirming that you qualify for the available funding. You are then able to assign this voucher to an installer of your choosing to redeem upon completion of the installation. The voucher has no equivalent cash or monetary value.