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Privacy Notice

How we handle your personal data

Warmer Homes is a free of charge service offering free insulation and gas central heating in partnership with Agility Eco Services Limited and other organisations. If eligible, subject to availability, you can receive free, new and fully installed insulation and/or a gas central heating system.


More information, including eligibility rules, can be found at


We have outlined below in our Privacy Notice how we intend to handle your personal data. We recommend that you read this Privacy Notice carefully.

Privacy Notice

You have either been referred into the Warmer Homes service by your local council, housing association or other local agency, or have applied to Warmer Homes yourself. If you were referred into Warmer Homes by someone else, with your consent, they have shared your basic contact information and the reason why they consider you are eligible with us so that we can contact you directly.


This Privacy Notice applies between you, the visitor to this website and/or user of our Warmer Homes services and AgilityEco, the owner and provider of this website.

AgilityEco Services Ltd (‘AgilityEco’) acts as a Data Controller under the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’). We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (‘ICO’) as a Data Controller under registration number ZA000042.

AgilityEco takes the privacy of your information very seriously. We have a few simple principles which we abide by in order to protect your privacy:

  • We only ask you for and process information which we genuinely need in order to provide you with an excellent service, for example your name, home address, telephone number and e-mail address if you want to enquire about our services; and

  • Where you do enquire about our services and consent to provide us with more than one method of contacting you, for example an e-mail address and telephone number, we will use both methods for correspondence with you, until such time as you withdraw your consent (which may be done at any time) for any or all of those methods of contact; and

  • Unless legally obliged to do so we won’t share your information with anyone, other than for the standard running of the Warmer Homes service.

This Privacy Notice applies to our use of any and all data collected by us or provided by you in relation to your use of the website and/or the provision of our services to you under the Warmer Homes service. We aim to make our collection and use of your data as clear and as transparent as possible, but for brevity it has not been possible to list every circumstance in which we will use your data. We recommend that you read this Privacy Notice carefully. Any questions or queries you may have can be sent directly to us at:

Warmer Homes

Suite 5, Mid-Day Court
20-24 Brighton Rd

Department for Energy Security & Net Zero: Privacy Notice for installers, householders and landlords

Department for Energy Security & Net Zero: Privacy Notice for the Local Authority Delivery (LAD) 3 scheme

  • What can the Warmer Homes programme fund?
    There is funding available under the programme for the following energy efficiency measures: Solid Wall Insulation Cavity Wall Insulation Underfloor Insulation Loft Insulation Room-in-Roof Insulation Air Source Heat Pump Solar PV Panels High Heat Retention Storage Heaters Heating Controls
  • Do I qualify for the Warmer Homes programme?
    You may qualify for the funding if the following statements apply: ​ Your home has an EPC rating of D, E, F or G (you can check your home’s EPC rating here: ​ And either: ​ You have a total household annual income of £36,000 or less (before housing costs/bills) ​ Or: ​ You have a total household annual income of £20,000 or less after housing costs (mortgage/rent and council tax) ​ Or: ​ You receive a means-tested benefit (as listed below) ​ ​​ Or: ​ Your home is within an LSOA (Lower Super Output Area) 1-3 postcode area (we will verify this for you once you have made your application) The following means tested benefits are eligible for the programme: ​ Child Tax Credits (CTC) Housing Benefit Income based Jobseekers allowance (JSA) Income related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) Income Support (IS) Pension Credit Guarantee Credit Working Tax Credit (WTC) Pension Credit Savings Credit Universal Credit (UC)
  • How is the Warmer Homes programme fully funded?
    The Warmer Homes programme is funded by the Government’s Home Upgrade Grant (HUG) scheme. Portsmouth City Council, in partnership with the local authorities shown here has secured funding from these schemes to offer grant funding to improve the energy efficiency of eligible homes. Please note that private rental properties will require a landlord contribution.
  • I don’t know my home’s EPC rating, or it doesn’t have an EPC rating?
    The Warmer Homes team can arrange for an EPC to be carried out at your property if your home doesn’t already have one or it’s expired. If your EPC rating doesn’t qualify you funding through the programme, we may be able to direct you to another suitable programme. If you don't know your homes EPC rating, click here to find it:
  • Can I choose my own installer?
    Yes. Within the application form you are provided with the option to either allow us to select an accredited contractor on your behalf or if you would like to choose your own contractor. If you ask us to select the installer on your behalf, we will choose the most appropriate installer based on availability and geographical location. If you choose your own contractor, we will do our best to use the installer you’ve chosen, but this may be subject to change based on their availability, geographical coverage and whether they have the appropriate accreditations and qualifications required for the programme.
  • What happens after I’ve submitted my application?
    Once you’ve submitted your application to us, will send you our welcome pack and eligibility verification documents. These documents allow us to check your eligibility so that our team can fully assess your application.
  • Is the Warmer Homes programme available to privately rented properties?
    Yes, this programme is available to owner occupiers and private rental households. If you are a private rental tenant you will need to ask the landlord’s permission and the landlord will be required to contribute, which will be agreed with them prior to any work taking place.
  • Is the Warmer Homes programme available to housing association/council housing tenants?
    No, the Warmer Homes programme is not open to housing associations or council housing tenants. please do not apply if you are a social housing tenant (local authority or housing association), as your application will not be accepted.
  • What if I have any questions about my application?
    If you have any questions about your application or the process following your application, please contact the Warmer Homes team directly by email: or call us on 0800 038 5737.
  • What if I have any questions about the survey or the installation?
    If you have any questions about your upcoming survey or installation (if approved), please speak with your assigned installer who will be able to provide you with more detail.
  • Where can I find more information about the measure I’m interested in?
    Your assigned installer will be able to provide you with more information about the measure you are interested in and will also provide you with a factsheet related to the measure(s) you are interested in. You can also find our explainer videos here or you can find further information on other websites such as the Energy Saving Trust:
  • Do I need get any permissions?
    If you are a private rental tenant: You will need the permission of your landlord before any measure(s) can be installed in your property. If you are a homeowner/owner occupier: If your measure will affect the external appearance of your property (e.g. solid wall insulation or solar panels), we recommended contacting your local council to see if you need to apply for planning permission. We also recommend that you inform your home insurer to check that you have sufficient cover in place.
  • Who will own the energy efficiency measures once installed?
    The homeowner/owner-occupier of the property will own the energy efficiency measure(s) once installed. For private rental properties, the ownership will be with the landlord.
  • Who is responsible for any future maintenance after my measure(s) have been installed?
    The homeowner/owner-occupier or private rental landlord will be responsible for any future maintenance responsibilities/costs once the measure(s) have been installed. Details of your warranty cover will be provided by your installer following your installation.
  • How do I contact Warmer Homes?
    If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, the quickest way to contact us is via the form on our website, which can be found here. Simply select the relevant category and provide the required information. Alternatively, you can find our details at the top of every page.
  • What is the Smart Export Guarantee and how can I get this?
    The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) is a government backed initiative which requires some electricity suppliers to pay residents with small renewable systems for the electricity which they export back to the National Grid (subject to eligibility criteria). Please contact your electricity supplier for more information.
  • What happens after I apply?
    Don't worry, you are not committing to anything by applying. We will get in touch with you to chat further about your circumstances and requirements.
  • Important information regarding our website and services
    This Privacy Notice applies only to the website of Warmer Homes ( and does not extend to any websites that can be accessed from this Website. This includes, but is not limited to, any links we may provide, including to social media websites.
  • Information collection on our website
    1. Google Analytics. We may at times use Google Analytics to collect standard internet log information about visitors to our website. This is done in order to discover, for example, how many visitors we have to the website. The information is processed in such a way that visitors to our website are not identified, and we do not permit Google Analytics to process your information in a way which would allow you to be identified. You can read more about the use of Google Analytics and their Privacy Notice on their website. 2. Website Security. We use a third party hosting service to maintain the security and performance of our website, and in order to do this it is necessary to collect the Internet Protocol (‘IP’) address of visitors to our website. 3. Cookies. In order for our website to function properly and to provide you with a pleasant user experience, it is necessary for us to use Cookies – small text files that are placed on your computer by the website. Please be aware that Google Analytics also makes use of cookies on our website. Visitors to our website who do not wish to have cookies placed on their computers should set their browser preferences to refuse cookies before accessing our website; although the website may then not work properly. Disabling cookies in this way will also stop Google Analytics from tracking any part of your visit to pages within this website.
  • Warmer Homes
    AgilityEco operates Warmer Homes in conjunction with a wide variety of partners, details of whom can be provided to you at your request. Our partners include, but are not limited to: 1. Local Authorities; 2. Social Housing Providers; 3. LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) 4. Bierce (operating our telephone contact centre) 5. Central Heating Installers 6. Gas Distribution Network Operators ​ Your local council, housing association or other local agency may have referred you to us, in which case you will have been asked by them to give your consent for your contact details and other personal information to be provided to us so that we can assess whether you qualify for the scheme and where you do, for us to contact you directly. Personal information we may collect from you may include information on your health and personal circumstances. You do not have to disclose any information to us that you feel uncomfortable sharing with us at any stage during the Warmer Homes service. ​ If you have previously consented to us contacting you, but have changed your mind, you may withdraw this consent at any time by contacting us using the information given in this Privacy Notice.
  • Data requested from you
    In line with our principles, in addition to electronic data automatically collected when you use our website, in order to provide you with a service or to respond to any questions or queries you may have, we may request and collect the following data from you: ​ 1. Your name; and 2. Your contact Information such as email addresses and telephone numbers. ​ Data provided to us through our contact form, or where you e-mail us, is processed by us with your consent. You may remove your consent at any time by contacting us using the information given in this Privacy Notice. ​ When we receive your enquiry, we will contact you by telephone using the number(s) you have provided and will then seek your consent to collect further information about your personal and household circumstances in order to establish whether you are eligible for the Warmer Homes service and to ensure that we provide you with the best service that we can through the scheme. This information may include: ​ 1. Household income information 2. Names of any state benefits you receive 3. Relevant information about health problems
  • Our use of your data
    Where you have requested we provide you with a service, we will keep your data for the purposes of evidencing that you were eligible to receive the service, and to ensure we tailor the service to your needs or for other closely related purposes. For example, where you are provided with a service from us, we may contact you to ask you if you were happy with the service and if there is anything we can do to improve our service. We will never rent or sell any of the data you provide to us, and any third parties we use will only ever process your information for us on a need to know basis and in accordance with this Privacy Notice.
  • Marketing
    We will only provide you with marketing information where you consent to this, and you can withdraw consent or change your preferences about marketing activities at any time by contacting us using the details set out above.
  • Our Data Retention Policy
    Other than data we are legally obliged to keep for longer periods, e.g. taxation records, we will retain any data you submit to us for between 18-24 months in order to comply with regulatory requirements. This includes e-mail correspondence. All of your data which we collect is stored securely with appropriate physical, managerial and electronic safeguards in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation and any other applicable legislation.
  • Third Party Access to your data
    We strive to keep third party access to your data to a minimum. However, data provided by you to us may in some circumstances need to be passed to third parties which we use for the running of our scheme, for example: ​ 1. to the hosting provider of our website; 2. to Zoho Corporation who host our cloud based data; 3. ​to third party suppliers working for the Warmer Homes programme. Information passed to third parties is used only to the extent required by them to perform the services that we request. Any use for other purposes is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, any data that is processed by third parties for us will be processed within the terms of this Privacy Notice and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Your access to your data which is held by us
    Under the General Data Protection Regulation you have certain rights as regards the personal data we hold on you. Where you would like to exercise these rights, you can do so by using a Subject Access Request or (‘SAR’). ​ In a SAR you can ask us if we hold personal data on you, and if so, request a copy of that data. We will also give you a description of the data, tell you why we are holding it and tell you who we could have disclosed it to. We do not charge for the provision of this information. ​ You can also use a SAR to: • ask us to rectify data on you which is incorrect; • ask us to stop processing data on you; • ask us to delete the data we hold on you; • ask us to stop processing your data; • ask us to transfer your data to another Data Controller/provide you with your data in a machine readable format; • object to us processing your data (including for use in direct marketing); and • exert rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling. ​​ We will reply to all requests as soon as possible, and in no event later than one month. Not all of these rights may be available to you, and will depend on the lawful basis we process your information. For more information on your rights under The General Data Protection Regulation, please see the ICO website.
  • Transfers outside the European Economic Area ('EEA')
    Some of our third party service providers may be located out-with the EEA, including Zoho Corporation who we use for cloud based data storage. Therefore personal data which we collect from you may be stored, processed in and transferred to such countries, which may not have as stringent data protection laws as found in the EEA. If we transfer your data outside the EEA in this way, we will ensure that the third party provider which we use is compliant with the GDPR and that your privacy continues to be protected as outlined in this Privacy Notice.
  • Changes to our Privacy Notice
    Although any changes are likely to be minor, we reserve the right to change and update this Privacy Notice as we may deem necessary from time to time or as may be required by law. Your continued use of this website after any changes means you are deemed to have accepted any change to the terms of this Privacy Notice. As and when any changes occur, they will be set out on a change log. There are currently no changes.
  • Right to lodge a complaint
    Our supervisory authority is the ICO and you have the right to lodge a complaint with them if you do not feel we have adequately upheld your rights under the GDPR. Contact details for the ICO can be found here. In addition to complaining to the ICO, where you feel we have breached your rights and the privacy of your data, you are also entitled to pursue action against us in the courts or other legitimate legal forums, such as arbitration or dispute resolution.
  • Governing law and jurisdiction
    This Privacy Notice governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
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