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Helping a mother and daughter keep warm this winter

Updated: May 19, 2023

We helped a mother and daughter living in a 2 bed semi-detached house, which was always cold. The only form of heating was an old electric storage heater.

After speaking with one of the Warmer Homes supply chain partners Aura Gas, she realised that she was eligible for a fully funded air source heat pump due to the EPC rating of her property and income levels.

She quickly completed the application form and not long after received her brand new air source heat pump.

“It is honestly a dream come true. Before I heard of the programme all I had was old electric heaters. The house was always freezing. We had a running joke in my family that if you’re ever hot come to my house to cool down. I had to put blankets over the bedroom windows to try and stay warm at night and I had to turn on the hot water well in advance of having a shower or doing the washing up – even then it wasn’t even hot.

“Having our new air source heat pump has made the world of difference to our lives. Our installer Greg from Aura Gas was so professional and tidy. We barely noticed that he was there, and he was so polite. He installed the air source heat pump in just four days! The heat pump is so easy to use. We barely notice when it’s on and have had no complaints about noise from the neighbours. It has helped to reduce our energy bills and has also added value to our home. I’d definitely recommend applying to the programme if you meet the eligibility criteria.”

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May 31

A properly serviced air source heat pump can transform a cold home into a warm and energy-efficient haven. The installation process is quick and minimally intrusive, providing significant benefits like lower energy bills and increased property value. Eligible homeowners should consider this sustainable heating solution for a comfortable living environment. For any issues, timely AC Repair ensures continued efficiency and comfort.

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