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Helping Fred reduce his energy bills with an air source heat pump

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

We recently installed an air source heat pump into a Chichester resident’s home, reducing his energy bills and carbon footprint. Air source heat pump installations from Warmer Homes have seen households save an annual total of 60% on heating bills.

AgilityEco project manages the Warmer Homes programme on behalf of a consortium of local authorities in the South and South East of England, led by Portsmouth City Council.

Fred, a resident in East Wittering, heard about fully funded air source heat pumps through Chichester District Council. His home had an EPC rating of E and he was using uneconomical storage heaters to keep warm. Like many people across the country, Fred was looking at ways to reduce his energy bills by making his home more energy efficient.

Fred applied for support via AgilityEco’s flagship LEAP (Local Energy Advice Partnership) service. Based on his circumstances, Fred received a home visit from a LEAP Home Energy Advisor. They installed free small energy efficient measures including reflective radiator panels, an internal draught excluder and a TV standby plug. He was also recommended to contact his energy provider to install a free smart meter.

The Home Energy Advisor then advised Fred to contact the Warmer Homes Programme to see if he was eligible for further fully funded measures. Fred was eligible due to his pensioner status and the EPC rating of his property, and so his application for an air source heat pump was accepted.

Sharon Johnson, CEO at AgilityEco said:

“This is just one of many fantastic examples of how our holistic approach can help households keep warm and healthy whilst reducing their energy bills and improving the energy efficiency of their home. In the last year alone, the Warmer Homes programme has installed measures that will deliver £10million in lifetime bill savings, an average annual saving of £251 per household and has abated over 50,000 tonnes of CO2,
“We manage programmes across Britain, which offer fully funded air source heat pumps, solar panels and insulation. If you’re looking to reduce your bills and make your home more energy efficient, please do get in touch.”

Fred, East Wittering said:

“Since having a heat pump installed, my energy bills have gone down by 50% and the EPC rating of my home has gone from an E to a C. One of the things that I found incredible about air source heat pumps is that for each unit of electricity you use, you get three units of heat in return. This has seen my energy consumption plummet.
“The application process was quick and easy. It took the installers just four days to install the air source heat pump and they were incredibly professional. To anyone who’s thinking about getting an air source heat pump, it’s green, it’s good for the environment, it saves you money, the noise is not an issue and it’s easy to use.”

Watch Fred’s full interview.

If you're looking to reduce your energy bills, find out if you're eligible and apply today.


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